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How ruff stuff came about

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Hi fellas,

My name is Danii and for those who don't already know, I'm mad about doggos. During my time in Australia, I always made sure that Button, my blue Staffordshire Bull-Terrier, had enough mental stimulation for the hours that I was away from him. When I made the move across to Sri Lanka, I realised how inaccessible dog toys were. Having thoroughly researched the industry in Sri Lanka along with personal-experience, I noticed that the concept of keeping a pet dog occupied whilst owners were out of their homes wasn't really a thing here. But how could owners do so anyway without the proper resources?

Well, that is exactly what Ruff Stuff aims to do - provide quality interactive and fun toys that are rewarding for both dog and owner. These toys have been selected to help mentally stimulate your doggo when you possibly just don't have the time or energy to. Whatever it may be, enough from me. I'll let the toys speak for themselves!

Enjoy x